Arro Money

An innovative new banking platform

The Opportunity
Being able to move capital is vitally important, especially for migrant workers, students and other's ignored by traditional banks. Marq Millions set out to provide these users all the services a brick and mortar bank does, enabling their users to deposit money, pay bills, shop online and send money to other accounts.

The Solution
It was vitally important that our solution be integrated with government data and established industry service providers to enable an optimal banking experience for our customers.

Working in tandem with a leading design firm, special care was taken to create an aesthetic and efficient user experience.

A powerful backend engine does all the heavy lifting of the user traffic to deliver a smooth user experience. It also integrates the industry's best security practices to ensure highly secure digital money transfer mechanisms.

The Result
Powered by our secure technology backend and Marq Millions credentials as an EMI licensed operator, Arro Money has enabled its customers all the ease of modern banking services tailored to their specific needs.

Arro Money has been shortlisted as the finalists in the Best B2C Payments Programme and the Leading Financial Services or Payments Start-up categories at the Emerging Payments Awards 2019 in London, UK. We at DPL are exceedingly gratified by the work that our team has put in this project. Due to our combined efforts, Arro Money has been able to achieve this honor as it continues to provide seamless banking services through an innovative banking platform.

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