A cloud-based work management app

The Opportunity
Construction and contracting companies have a lot of paperwork to go through in order to comply with Swedish laws and provide their customers with appropriate reports.

The cumbersome process for workers to record worksheets and getting approvals for new work orders wastes precious time and results in money lost for customers. Naturally this was an industry ripe for improvement using the latest technologies.

Byggappen Screenshot 1
Byggappen Screenshot 1
Byggappen Screenshot 1

The Solution
The solution, Byggappen, was a smart phone app and a cloud based platform that allows contracting companies to:

  • Manage their entire workforce and project sites.
  • Have their personnel check-in and log their work on the construction site using their smartphones.
  • Create new work orders on-site and getting approvals from supervisors.
  • Send pictures of the work completed or to request additional resources.
  • Report and log any deviations to the work or schedule.

They were able to accomplish all this and more without leaving the construction site.

The Result
The platform proved to be a resounding success with contractors, allowing them to focus on increasing their productivity and cutting down on all the red tape requirements. Byggappen has been adopted by a number of contracting firms in Sweden and is looking to expand to other European countries. Byggappen is currently undergoing investment rounds.