Cyber Ventures

See how we helped this startup exit for $15 Million.

The Opportunity
A startup in the highly competitive market for online automotive leads and internet marketing in the US, Cyber Ventures needed a lean, agile technology partner that would give them a winning edge in a crowded market space.

The Solution
DPL provided Cyber Ventures with end to end IT services that delivered a dramatic rise in their user clicks, conversions and revenue. Using technologies like ASP.NET, PHP, MYSQL, Proxy Server, Javascript and MVC we created a complete dealer management system, a lead selling platform and high performance marketing websites and portals.

DPL fully leveraged the considerable talents of its tech teams to deliver Cyber Ventures amazing value through:

  • High performing, scalable websites optimized for SEM (Google, Bing Yahoo etc.) and highly optimized portals to generate traffic from SEO.
  • High availability and high performing websites running on web farms using proxy servers for routing and load balancing the traffic across web servers.
  • Multiple levels of caching technologies to deliver web response times of under 2 seconds.
  • Hardware based load balancers with sticky sessions to balance traffic between 8 web servers.
  • A cutting edge, highly customized Content Management System to manage their websites which also empowered their marketers to create new campaigns in a few clicks.
  • Transforming tens of thousands of records every 15 minutes to generate revenue reports for the marketing teams.

The Result
In just 7 years our technology services helped Cyber Ventures start from scratch and exit at $15 Million when they were acquired by AutoWeb in 2011. And with these enviable KPI's, it's really no wonder.

900,000 user clicks per month.

72,000 conversions per month.

$9,50,000 per month in revenue.

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