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Digital Transformation

DPL has been at the forefront of transforming enterprises worldwide for two decades. Since our debut in the MENA market, we have worked with some of the largest and most promising enterprises.


MENA Assistance

The choice of Audi, Ferrari, Maserati and Land Rover

MENA Assistance is the region’s largest B2B roadside assistance provider, operating in 15 countries and 300+ MENA cities. Established two decades ago, this business used the tele-assistance model earlier. DPL transformed its entire model, enabling MENAA’s clients to adopt digital and mobile-first approaches. This enabled it to become the choice of top automobile manufacturers, including Audi, Ferrari, Ford, Maserati, Land Rover, and Jaguar.

Total Parco


“The agile and people-centric culture at DPL and their professionalism are matchless”
– Olivier Sabrié, CEO TOTAL PARCO

TOTAL PARCO was founded in 2002 as a joint-venture of Abu Dhabi- and Pakistan-based PARCO and France-based Total S.A. The corporate giant’s digital transformation was not limited to the development and enhancement of tech platforms. It also included the restructuring of their corporate culture, which is essential for propelling end-to-end digital transformation. TOTAL PARCO’s team was so inspired by DPL’s agile model and people-centric culture that it replicated this success.



2019 Muhammad Bin Rashid Business Award Winner

Established in 1965, Almajdouie is one of the biggest business groups in KSA, with over 5,000 employees serving various subsidiaries. The 2019 MBR Business Award winner sought DPL’s assistance to introduce a social platform for its diverse and widely-located workforce. Our team developed an app that allowed employees to understand Almajdouie’s culture. The app also enabled employees to explore upcoming company events across the GCC and sign up to participate in them.

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Intelligent Connectivity

Leaders of the MENA region, especially those in Saudi Arabia, have identified a rapidly advancing digital landscape. They further envisioned intelligent cities and communities that are connected, autonomous, shared, and featuring innovative solutions like electric mobility.


10,000+ connected apartments developing intelligent communities

For the Middle Eastern market, we offer our vast intelligent connectivity expertise. Our portfolio includes iApartments, a solution worth $100M+ that was developed in the US. This revolutionary startup has already transformed over 10,000 apartments into smart homes. We expect to further transform 500,000 homes in the next two years, giving rise to the first-ever smart communities worldwide. In addition, our portfolio features industrial automation and shared mobility projects.

Resource Outsourcing

DPL collaborates with startups and enterprises all around the world to provide remotely located tech resources. The top 5% talent we select delivers the utmost quality while reducing costs up to 50%. Currently, our 100+ dedicated offshore resources are serving businesses in various countries.


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Syed Ahmed – Founder, CEO

  • Chair of IT Task-Force, Prime Minister’s Task-Force on IT & Telecom
  • Member, BoD, KP IT Board, Govt of KPK
  • Chair ICT Sub Committee, Planning Commission of Pakistan
  • Adviser, Incubators (COMSATS Incubator 1-ne)
  • Twice Ex-Chairman, (P@SHA)
  • BoD, EDF (Ministry of Commerce), PSEB, Ministry of IT
  • Telecom and National Excellence Center on AI
  • Author of Government of Pakistan Digital Policy

Waleed Riaz – Co-founder, VP Operations

  • 20+ years of experience in software project management, account management and operations management
  • Numerous experiences of successfully managing $2M+ projects with 90+ people distributed globally
  • An expert of building and managing offshore tech teams for corporates, SMEs and startups in logistics, health care, automotive, smart homes (IoT) etc. verticals
  • A decade long experience of consulting entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Stockholm on IT and operations and facilitating them from inception to growth and exit
  • Extensive experience of working with various departments; HR, engineering, finance, sales and marketing

Talha Saleem – Growth Manager

  • Successful scale up of software businesses from $0.1M to $1M in revenue
  • Aligning, leading and growing multiple world-class product teams
  • Developing and executing multi-channel growth strategy to increase sales many times over
  • Optimizing internal sales processes to reduce proposal submission time by 50%
  • Professional scrum product owner; managed projects including Almajdouie, Alif Ailaan, and Rizq

Shahrukh Satti – Marketing Lead

  • A progressive growth marketer and an incisive researcher who helps startups with growth hacking, and enterprises with brand restructuring
  • Carries an extensive knowledge and expertise in CRM automation, integration and configuration of marketing tools, and the optimization of sales funnels
  • Uses BI analytics to sketch user persona, perform prospect segmentation and identify relevant niches
  • Leads DPL’s print, electronic, and social media strategy to establish it as a thought leader in the global IT industry
  • Oversees CPC and SMM ads to increase ROI and reduce CAC