Comprehensive Website Design and Development to Support the EU Promotion of Human Rights in Pakistan program

National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR)

NCHR aims to create a Progressive Pakistan where the rights of its people are respected and celebrated. DPL was ready to help achieve this goal with a professionally built website that emphasizes its efforts and spreads awareness.

The Client

Formed through the National Commission for Human Rights Act, 2012, NCHR was established to promote and protect the human rights of Pakistani citizens.

The organization carries out judicial, investigative, and monitoring activities. It also acts as a watchdog to enforce the implementation of human rights, develops report and research on human rights in Pakistan, and carries out awareness raising and policymaking activities.

Over the years, the organization has successfully handled complaints, petitions, and Suo Motu action from across Pakistan’s provinces. It continues to take a firm stance, especially to ensure the rights of minorities and women in the country.


The Problem

Huqooq-e-Pakistan (European Union Promotion of Human Rights in Pakistan) is a program that aims the Government of Pakistan’s human rights initiative. It deemed revamping NCHR’s website as an integral part in complementing what the program does.

Renowned multinational EY, which was the implementation partner of the Delegation of the European Union to Pakistan, connected with DPL to work on NCHR’s website. Our task was to carry out end-to-end design and development that would allow easier information sharing.


The Solution

By combining their technical and business expertise, DPL’s team was able to create a visually appealing website that’s equally robust functionally.

Some of the new features of the new website include:

  • A user-friendly design that allows NCHR to share information effectively with visitors
  • Photo and video galleries to view content related to the organization’s campaigns
  • Filtering functionality that sorts photos, videos, press releases, and news by date and/or location

The Impact

NCHR’s new website was launched in Q2 of 2022. As the organizations’ web presence, it provides visitors with a wealth of information on what it has been doing over the years. Moreover, the reports on the site add transparency into the status and results of NCHR’s human rights initiatives.

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