Mobile Application Development for Multi-Award-Winning Saudi Conglomerate

The Almajdouie Group

With a workforce comprising 10,000+ employees spread across the Kingdom, Almajdouie Group wanted to create a strong culture. So, it entrusted DPL with the task of creating an event management app that boosts employees’ social engagement.

The Client


Founded in 1965, Almajdouie is a Saudi Conglomerate with offices across the Middle East, North America, Europe, and Africa.

It was initially a land transport company that expanded operations into the logistics, food, real estate, automotive, manufacturing, steel, and travel and tourism.

Over the past two decades alone, Almajdouie’s business sectors have received several prestigious local and international awards and recognitions. For instance, Almajdouie Motors won Changan Automobile’s Highest growth, best customers satisfaction and top brand promotion awards.

Meanwhile, Almajdouie Logistics was awarded the ‘Frost & Sullivan Saudi Arabia Logistics Service Provider Company of the Year Award’ consecutively for 2016 to 2019.

The Problem


Almajdouie is a people-oriented business that prioritizes energizing its people to ensure they prosper and help the Group achieve its goals. Therefore, it holds different internal events every month.

However, with a huge workforce comprising 5,000+ individuals in KSA alone, ensuring employees attended the events planned for them became a challenge. This led to the idea of creating an event management app that can increase employees’ social engagement.

The Solution

DPL’s custom app development team came to Almajdouie’s aid and developed the Almajdouie Culture App.

The app linked to the Group’s Active Directory, showing only the events an employee can attend based on their role in the company.

In addition to displaying upcoming events and reviewing past events, the Almajdouie Culture App allowed users to:

  • Find information related to an event’s location Retrieve information on accommodation details where necessary
  • View the agenda of the event to learn about planned activities
  • View and comment on images and videos captured in past events

The Impact

The Almajdouie Culture App successfully and effectively bridged communications between the Group’s extensive workforce. In addition to helping ensure employees never missed future events, the app allowed them to comment and share their thoughts on past ones. Therefore, it acts as a social communication channel that unites workers within the Group.

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