The Opportunity
Almajdouie, a corporate company with a global presence, needed to create an event management app to increase its employee’s social engagement.

The Client
Almajdouie is a Saudi group of companies that started as a land transport company. Propelled by their success, Almajdouie grew into a group of companies with diverse activities. Today, the Almajdouie Group operates all over the Kingdom and has associate offices in the GCC, North America, Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa with over 5000 employees.

Planning Commission Screenshot 1
Planning Commission Screenshot 1
Planning Commission Screenshot 1

The Solution
Considering the client's need, DPL helped and developed the Almajdouie Culture App which helps employees stay up to date on upcoming events within the company and to review past events. Features include:    

  • Finding information on event location.
  • Retrieve information on accommodation details.
  • View planned activities for each day.
  • View and comment on images and videos from past events.

The Result
The Culture App has provided Almajdouie a platform to broadcast and share event details and media with its 5,000 plus employees. It also gives them a chance to comment and share their thoughts, paving a social communication channel within Almajdouie.

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