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Custom App Development

Top 6 Mistakes of Custom Software Solutions for Small Business

While you may think otherwise, getting custom software solutions for small business is a great idea. Unfortunately, many business owners make several mistakes that compromise the...

Umber Awan | 7 Min Read 06-May-2024

4IR Technologies

Z Wave Hub – The Key to Integrating Amazon Alexa in a Smart Home

A Z wave hub is just the thing for smart homeowners who wish to leverage Alexa’s capabilities. It opens a world of opportunities, enabling further automation and the use of voice...

Maha Yaser | 5 Min Read 16-Apr-2024

Custom App Development

SQA Tips to Remember After the Uber Auto Fiasco

With Uber Auto dominating headlines, the tech community has been wondering about the company’s SQA practices. Software quality assurance isn’t something companies usually take lightly....

Waqas Ahmed | 6 Min Read 03-Apr-2024

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Services – Why Most Fail to Deliver Results

Digital transformation services are far from new. The process of converting information into a digital format itself can be traced back to the late 1970s when businesses resorted to using...

Syed Ahmad | 8 Min Read 28-Feb-2024

4IR Technologies

Future of IoT – 5 Predictions for 2024

The future of IoT can be summarised in one word: BRIGHT. Despite claims of its death, the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue reigning even beyond 2024. Therefore, you’ll be doing...

Maha Yaser | 6 Min Read 02-Jan-2024

Custom App Development

Custom eCommerce Development Trends for 2024 You Can’t Afford to Miss

With the new year around the corner, it’s time to prepare a list of work items to ensure your future success. One item you need to add is custom eCommerce development.   Custom...

Shahrukh Satti | 8 Min Read 11-Oct-2023

Custom App Development

7 Shopify Custom App Development Myths that Compromise End Results

Shopify custom app development isn’t slowing down – a fact confirmed by the 40-90 new apps added to the store weekly. However, before venturing into this, you need to stay away...

Salman Naseer | 8 Min Read 05-Oct-2023

Custom App Development

Automotive Software Development – A Guide for Auto Companies’ Success

Automotive software development is the need of the hour as customer expectations and changing requirements fuel the industry’s digital transformation. From safety systems...

Maha Yaser | 9 Min Read 19-Sep-2023

Custom App Development

7 Startup Product Development Mistakes that Can Kill Your Bottom Line

The bitter truth is that startup product development effort (and money) can easily go down the drain. In fact, only 40% of new consumer products succeed. If you wish to be part of this...

Talha Saleem | 10 Min Read 14-Sep-2023

Custom App Development

Everything to Know About .NET Development Services

According to statistics, Fortune 500 companies rely heavily on .NET development services. In fact, 32.4% of websites and web app run on the framework. If you too are interested...

Maha Yaser | 9 Min Read 07-Sep-2023

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