We Grow Careers in

All the Right Directions

As a DPL Rebel, you have every right to explore your potential to the fullest.

Our Learning Experience Platform allows you to pick learning paths that enrich your career.

We also go beyond work skills to cultivate must-haves like EQ, soft skills, creative skills, and more.

As a 100% Agile organization, we threw away the career ladder years ago. In its place is a more dynamic, employee-friendly lattice. With it, you can expand beyond your department and change roles as you pick new skills and gain experience.

The Corporate Ladder is Giving Way to the Career Lattice


Corporate Ladder

  • Hierarchical, top down work is where you go
  • Narrow career path and jobs
  • Career vs Life
  • Low workforce mobility

Career Lattice

  • Flatter, collaborative work is what you do
  • Multidimensional career path and jobs
  • Career and life
  • High workforce mobility

A Few Words from Our Constantly Evolving Rebels

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