Counterculture (noun)

A way of life and set of attitudes that oppose the norm

Here’s Our Response to Sir Carr

People Shouldn’t Be Stifled by their Surroundings

We refuse to suffocate our teams to the point of killing their innovation. As free thinkers, our teams deliver creative ideas and solutions every time.

People Should Communicate Freely

Open and honest communication is one thing we NEVER compromise on. We even have ‘No’ in our dictionary. Only then can we truly foster healthy professional relationships.

People Need to Have the Right Mindset to Innovate

Innovation starts with the right mindset. Not only do we cultivate it, but we also take the burden of bureaucracy away and unchain them from mediocrity.

Innovation. Originality. Leadership.

These are the drivers of our counterculture movement. Further reinforced by innovative methods such as Agile and Lean, they ensure the teams’ true potential is unlocked. And individually, they inspire each member to achieve the greatness we believe they are destined for.

And Here are the Outcomes of this Culture

Happy, fulfilled professionals Teams driven by an innovative mindset Full support for the realization of one’s potential Never-ending efforts for developing abilities An Agile, fully charged environment Fun, flat culture for all

How Did We Pull this Off, You Ask?

  • A C-Level who owns and drives Agile transformation across the organization
  • A continuously improving culture that truly cares for employees
  • Zero barriers preventing employees from loving their work
  • Commitment to stand out through innovation rather than imitation
  • A culture that embraces out-of-the-box thinking and promotes learning

Here’s What All This Means for You

Best Talent in the Market

DPL is a magnet for top talent. Our innovators continuously thrive and surpass their own potential.

Innovation as a Service

We have the creativity for delivering capability. We create innovative solutions that empower your digital transformation.

Ownership and Focus on Results

We are committed to your success. Trust us to take the lead to ensure you achieve sustainable results.

“The difference between the average software developer and the best is 50:1; Maybe even 100:1.”

– Steve Jobs –

But That’s Enough from Us. Let Our Clients Do the Talking Instead.

We were positively shocked when we got in this atmosphere of a really flat and agile organization. It was obvious with this capacity of these people that we chose them for the digital transformation at Total PARCO.

Olivier Sabrié – Ex-CEO, Total PARCO

The quality of input from the team on the design and the collaborative spirit with DPL was extremely valuable in creating an innovative platform that helped launch a completely new product for our company.

Fariel Salahuddin – CEO, UpTrade

DPL is extremely responsive, attending last-minute calls and fixing bugs very quickly. Their team is very authentic and has great integrity. Additionally, their English level and their ability to translate my ideas into reality have been incredible.

Josh Eidenberg – CTO, The Miracle Morning

We use an Agile Scrum methodology and do two-week sprints, by the end of which we measure output and iterate from there. DPL has helped us significantly increase our output without just adding on people to it.

Steven Fiske – Chief Product Officer, iApartments

DPLs Agile methodology offers complete transparency and visibility into team progress. The team adopts the communication tools preferred by the client. They are well-versed in the most common communication tools of the trade.

Ralph Smith – Founder & President, ageEnvy

DPL provided a great, multi-dimensional team that worked cohesively with ours. It was clear throughout the engagement that they knew how to communicate expectations clearly. We gave them very time-sensitive, specific challenges, and DPL met each of them.

Mosharraf Zaidi – Campaign Director, Alif Ailaan
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