We're Agile

And you'll love us for it

Picture this – a place with no hierarchies, micromanagement, mistrust, and limitations to creativity. That’s DPL for you.

From a WFH Essential to a Digital Transformation Must-Have

While the world struggled to react to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, DPL realized the importance of work from home early. Having independent agile teams made this transition easier. But the true star that helped with this shift is Disruptive HR Platform.

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There’s nothing remotely traditional about us, be it the way we work, communicate, or even manage clients. That’s because we have adapted and adopted Agile long before others were even aware of it in South Asia.

Because of this, ours is a people-centric culture that has an attitude. Something you would have guessed by now. Others may prefer to stick to the corporate culture and do things old-school. But that’s not us. And that won’t be you.

Pillars of the Agile Mindset

Disruptive HR Platform is a digital HR Platform that gamifies employee engagement while supporting the functions of HR, operations, and project management. It provides Rebels with direction towards growth while recognizing their efforts.


Agile Performance Management

  • Accelerated Feedback
  • Clear individualized Goals
  • Challenging/Achievable tasks
  • Structured performance management designed
  • by self, line managers and HR

Reward and Recognition

  • Immediate rewards and recognition
  • Points/Badges Personalized rewards
  • Organization-wide social visibility of achievements

Learning and Career Growth

  • Incentivized personal & professional
  • growth plan Career lattice/paths/skills
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Data Analytics-based HR Management

  • Centralized data lake
  • Employee empowerment with data
  • analytics
  • Benchmarking
  • AI based suggestions
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