We Aspired to Change the World

We are Doing Just That

Two decades ago, DPL began as a software development provider. Today, we’re known for being the digital transformation partners to some of the biggest organizations, both locally and internationally.

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2003 Founded by two college grads

2006 US Department of Defense

2007 First Enterprise Scale Project

2009 Workplace 2.0 Floor

2010 Employee count reaches 100+


2012 Happiness Index

2013 DPL Rebels

2014 company valuation at $10 million

 2016 Global expansion (USA)

2017 Global expansion (Sweden

2018 Million dollar enterprise project

2019 100+ clients served

2021 iApartments raises venture funding

Syed Ahmad Employee Card

Inspired by his father, the pioneer DPL Rebel Syed Ahmed aimed to create a different software development enterprise. One that would challenge the norms which were rooted in the South Asian software industry, and truly benefit employees.

Syed Ahmad Employee Card

Long before DPL made Islamabad its home, its founding members had successfully completed multiple projects. We have the privilege of being associated with NASA and Pakistan’s Ministry of Science and Technology at an early stage.

And the rest, really, is history! We have set our eyes upward and have never look back since

We like to say the ‘D’ in DPL stands for different. And that’s how everyone describes our people-centric culture.

DPL is a flat organization that doesn’t believe in hierarchies let alone the use of ‘sir’ in communications. We are against everything corporates in our industry strongly hold onto, which is why we call ourselves rebels.

Culture Rebel

Ours is a liberating culture that cultivates innovation and ideas. We even have several programs to help our Rebels explore themselves and grow their skills. That way, they can achieve their life and professional goals while working on our company goals.

Culture Rebel
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