Smart People with Great Ideas

Contantly Looking to the Future

DPL has gone beyond offering software development services to cementing its name as a thought leader. From pioneering services in the region to designing with new initiatives, we aim to be unique and inspire next gen IT professionals and companies alike.

Our Rebels further ensure our position as thought leaders. Their talent, experience, and passion drive them to innovate and unleash new ideas. Therefore, we not only empower our clients, but also introduce technology that’ll shape future lives.

Digital Transformation

As digital transformation experts, we believe the future has much more in store than the present. Not only are we prepared for even the most disruptive of trends, but we also ensure our clients are equally ready.

Agile Academy

Agile Academy is a unique platform for sharing our Agile expertise. Through it, we introduce aspects of Agile that ensure much-needed simplicity while delivering success rates 2x higher than the industry average.

DPL Rebels Agile Academy

Rebel Ethos

Innovation. Originality. Leadership. These are the drivers of our counterculture movement and the keys to unlocking teams’ full potential. Individually, they inspire DPL Rebels to achieve the greatness they’re destined for.

DPL Rebel Ethos


A disruptive HR platform that empowers the Rebels at DPL by democratizing the feedback to individuals and company. Each Rebel can challenge their fellow Rebels and get points in return that are redeemable for exciting prizes from ice cream to world trips.

DPL Rebel nGage


Named after “the bright one” in the night sky, this Medical Benefits Policy is a commitment to do things differently, more humanely and ethically. we are determined to saving the company and its employees from the morally dubious financial practices.

DPL Rebel Alnair

Our teams play an integral role in achieving this by developing strategic partnerships with global corporations, governments, and industry leaders. Supporting them in an environment where their ideas are heard, cultivated, and put into practice.

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