Mobile App to Empower Indoor Trampoline Venue with 33 Centers in 16 countries


BOUNCE Inc. wanted to ensure accessibility to the 4M+ customers visiting its indoor trampoline centers, deliver exclusive updates, and more. With DPL’s help and mobile development expertise, the entertainment venue was able to achieve this.

The Client

BOUNCE Inc. is responsible for the creation of a new action-adventure entertainment category.

Founded in 2011, it offers indoor playgrounds and trampoline centers with the goal to inspire people to move, connect, and develop as part of the BOUNCE Tribe.

Attracting a wide range of audiences from preschoolers to elite athletes, BOUNCE takes pride in creating a space for joy, fun, and self-powered adrenaline. This alone has allowed it to win the hearts of millions of clientele in Australia.

However, BOUNCE’s popularity soon made its way across borders. From a single venue in Melbourne, it has expanded globally to Sweden, Portugal, the UAE, and 11 other countries.

The brand recently launched miniBOUNCE, an adventure-play center specially designed for preschoolers. In addition to being a place where the little ones can have fun, it promotes physical activity for life.


The Problem

With millions of clients, BOUNCE set out to ease and improve their customer experience. Therefore, it decided that a mobile app was the way to go.

Through the app, BOUNCE aimed to facilitate customers booking time at any of BOUNCE’s 30+ locations worldwide.

It also wanted to provide a winning customer experience as well as leverage features such as loyalty points.


The Solution

DPL designed and developed a mobile app that leveraged gamification to deliver the best user experience.

Through this app, parents can earn points for each transaction, track bookings and see upcoming sessions they can enroll their kids in. Some of the features it includes are:

  • Right-to-Left (RTL) support to facilitate users communicating with RTL languages in regions BOUNCE serves; this would bring together the brand’s global user base in one app
  • Collection of all relevant usage details while adhering to each region’s data privacy laws (e.g. GDPR for European customers)
  • An API to interface with BOUNCE’s core booking platform and website, and to submit bookings, receive statuses, and manage payments via app among other capabilities
  • A loyalty/incentive scheme, including a module to award “points” and “status” to customers
  • Customer profile creation and management, both at a “booker” and “bouncer” levels

The Impact

The app is currently deployed in Australia with over 10,000 downloads for Android devices alone.

BOUNCE has shared plans to deploy it across the other countries it operates in. That way, it can continue delivering stellar user experiences to clients globally.

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