Platform Upgrade for Janitorial & Maintenance Service Leader with 18,000 Locations in 50 States

National Janitorial Solutions (NJS)

Since its inception in the late 1980s, NJS has perfected delivering cleaning services across 10 industries including retail, healthcare, and education. To ensure overall excellence and update its software solutions, NJS chose DPL as its software development partner.

The Client

National Janitorial Solutions (NJS) is a renowned janitorial services provider with over 35 years of experience serving 50 states. Headquartered in New Jersey, its diverse cleaning services are available for a wide range of clientele in 10+ industries such as healthcare and education. Empowering NJS over the years are its scientifically designed solutions and customized service. These have allowed it to deliver top-rated performance while gaining customer trust. Moreover, it values excellence — be it through offering professionally trained staff or ensuring high quality service while factoring value, cost, and time. Along with Excel Building Services, NJS is now The Facilities Group National (TFG National). The latter serves over 27,000 locations in both the US and Canada.


The Problem

The tech savvy NJS realized that its current IT solution required an update. Before DPL, the company was using legacy desktop software to manage day-to-day operations as well as accounting and vendors. The system was also used to manage every aspect of work orders. However, the system was proving to be too limited and too costly. Therefore, NJS resolved to leverage the latest technologies to create a new system — one that would ensure easy access to online users.


The Solution

DPL realized that NJS needed a complete software overhaul to best meet its current needs. Therefore, after extensive requirement gathering, analysis and design exercises, we started working on this project in June 2019.

With the help of continuous roadmap tracking and frequent MoSCoW analysis, NJS was able to focus on much-needed features to maximize value.

By following the best Agile practices, Jan-IT was rolled out quickly. The new platform was built from scratch with new, reliable technology with scalability, performance, and security in mind.

Moreover, as a web-enabled system, the solution is easily accessible via browser from any location while ensuring organizational security access controls and audit trails.

In operational tasks, the number of clicks and time to complete operations is important for the efficiency of performance and daily work deliverables. We were able to leverage the latest usability practices to achieve high efficiency.


The Impact

With the rapid expansion of business as a result of acquisitions, there is a steep increase in the volume of work. The new system is readily in place to handle the increasing workload while ensuring high performance and delivering cost savings.

Staff from all departments – especially operations, accounting and vendor relations – are now using the new system for their daily workflows. They reportedly appreciate how the web-based system fits within hybrid working environments, and how it is easy and intuitive to use without compromising on security.

The new system offers complete flexibility in designing new workflows and changing the existing ones as required.

However, DPL’s collaboration does not stop here. There is work underway to explore the option to integrate third-party services as well as offer mobile applications. That way, NJS can increase its engagement with vendors and reduce paperwork.

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