Dashboard Development to Enable a Government Institution to Leverage Data Analytics

The Planning Commission of Pakistan

The Planning Commission of Pakistan wished to leverage data analytics to gain more visibility into different departments’ contributions towards the country’s economic future. So, it chose DPL for its tech expertise and experience working with the government sector.

The Client

Formed in 1952, the Planning Commission of Pakistan is the government institution responsible for financial and public policy development.

Superseded by the Ministry of Planning Development and Reform, it aims to lead, design, and implement economic and development programs. It’s also responsible for strengthening partnerships with stakeholders such as public agencies and the private sector.

Further, the Planning Commission of Pakistan guides public entities on their planning and implementation capacities.

The Planning Commission of Pakistan

The Problem

The Planning Commission of Pakistan oversees research studies and state policy development to empower the growth of Pakistan’s economy.

With many departments helping with these tasks, the commission wanted better visibility to effectively track a multitude of economic indicators across different industries.

The Planning Commission of Pakistan

The Solution

With a proven track record helping government institutions across Pakistan, we were contacted by the Planning Commission of Pakistan. After understanding its requirements, we decided they needed a comprehensive dashboard for their work.

Considering the nature of the project and our client’s requirements, we built the solution using Microsoft SharePoint and .NET. that offers:

  • Multiple views of different economic indicators
  • Simple numerical indicators that provide a high-level view of KPIs
  • Customizable graphs to deliver visual insight into prevailing trends
  • Detailed graphs with options to filter information, enabling users to identify nuanced or historical data in their proper context
  • A highly customizable front-end that allows users to prioritize and arrange indicators
The Planning Commission of Pakistan

The Impact

By digitizing data from multiple sources in one place, our solution for the Planning Commission of Pakistan allows timely access to all relevant information.

Moreover, visualizing the data using informative graphs allows policymakers to make informed decisions in a timely manner. That too with greater transparency, making this an effective tool for better governance.

The Planning Commission of Pakistan lauded the dashboard delivered and its user-friendly interface. We hope it helps the institution achieve its goals for the betterment of the country.

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