Weight Loss and Health App to Complement Unique Swedish VLCD Product


Slanka aims to create products that help its clients lose weight, stay in shape, and get rid of unhealthy habits. To best meet its goals and ensure its clients do the same, it wanted a comprehensive app to complement its offerings. And for that, it chose DPL’s mobile development services.

The Client

Slanka Sverige AB is a Swedish independent VLCD (very low calorie diet) brand established by Lena Villaume and Anna-Karin Le Veau. Founded in 2011, it is the first VLCD product free from soy flour, gluten, and aspartame.

With a focus on both quality and great taste, Slanka offers weight loss products that can further keep consumers in shape while satiating their hunger. It further takes into consideration their allergies, offering nut-free and lactose-free products.

While clients can opt to use only Slanka products to lose weight (Slanka Maxi), they have three more methods to choose from –

  • Slanka Kombi combines Slanka products with calories-counted meals
  • Slanka Balans entails using Slanka few times a week while using the plate method to plan meals
  • Slanka 5:2 allows individual to eat as usual for five days and switch to Slanka products for two days

The Problem

Slanka understood the need for a mobile app to help its clients track their lifestyle habits and commit to their weight loss journey.

Moreover, it wanted to be able to share tips, recipes, videos, and different information that can motivate clients and help them lose/maintain their weight. All while keeping the different weight loss options within easy reach.


The Solution

DPL’s mobile app development team began working closely with Team Slanka to understand its vision. Using Agile methodologies, we created an app that features –

  • Attractive visualization indicating users’ weight loss journey to help them stick to their dietary goals
  • Additional information such as waistline measurements and recipes
  • Ability to share progress from other users of the app
  • Instructional videos to ensure that users remain engaged and motivated to pursue a healthier lifestyle

The Impact

Slanka’s app has been a major success with both its clients and weight loss coaches.

Since its launch, it has garnered over 100,000 downloads. It was also featured on the App Store, a proud testament to the app’s quality and our team’s continuous efforts.

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