Mobile App Development for Multi-National AI Video Sport Service


Dedicated to helping lower tier leagues and athletes in youth divisions, Sportway needed a solution to extend its reach. So, it tapped DPL to help it in this regard.

The Client

Founded in Sweden in 2014, Sportway is a digital media rights, data, and production company that leverage artificial intelligence (AI). It collaborates with lower-tier leagues and youth sports federations, clubs, and promoters.

Sportway offers a range of solutions to help athletes and associated brands produce and market content. That way, they can add to their bottom lines and support athletes.

In addition to football, Sportway offers its solutions to a range of sports including ice hockey, handball, figure skating, and rugby.

It is further extending its reach across Europe through partnerships with other organizations such as Italian Ice Sports Federation and Latvian Hockey Federation. By 2013, Sportway launched in Australia and New Zealand as well.


The Problem

Sportway needed a solution that can collect and present the information of clients’ sporting events. Therefore, it needed a tech partner that not only had skilled developers on board, but also database experts.


The Solution

DPL created an app that collects and presents sports lovers with the information they need to follow Sportway’s youth sporting events.

The app was designed and created with a focus on personalization and interactivity. It included several features to achieve the latter such as enabling comments. With these, Sportway’s app users get to enjoy a rich and engaging experience.

In addition to the app, we created large highly scalable databases for Sportway’s professional produced images and videos.

With real-time event coverage and over 100 matches weekly, the databases were designed for speed and quick processing. Both of these are important considering the huge volume of information they contained, including schedules, club information, and rich media content.


The Impact

Sportway has become the leading sporting startup in Europe and Australia. Its partnerships with event organizers and clubs wherever it operates has helped secure its position.

Moreover, Sportway’s collaboration with DPL would mark the first of many solutions to broadcast games and support players and coaches.

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