Digital transformation entails the use of digital solutions to create new or reinvent business processes, practices, culture, and customer experiences. It’s a necessity for businesses that wish to meet current and future challenges as well as market requirements. Read more: Digital Transformation.
DPL stands for Digital Prodigy Limited, which was the name our founders came up with initially.
Rebel is the term we use to refer to our workforce. It captures their motivation, spirit, and dedication to ensuring only the best. Even if they have to say ‘no’ to some ideas they believe won’t benefit our clients. Learn more: Culture at DPL.
An Agile work culture is one that’s flexible enough to respond to change at fast response times. To achieve this, collaboration and cooperation are our top priorities. Therefore, we have replaced bureaucracy and formalities with distributed responsibilities and autonomy. Learn more: Agile culture  
Sir Carr is a reminder of everything that DPL is against. The character’s name is a play on the Urdu word ‘sarkaar’ which means an individual in a position of authority. Through this mascot, we instill Rebel ethos while empowering our workforce to reject the traditional mindset. That way, they can stop being ‘yes’ people and unleash their creative and innovative capabilities. Learn more: Sir Carr
There are several factors that determine how much your next app can cost, including the time required to build it and the complexity of its features. You’re welcome to contact us so we can schedule a quick meeting to discuss your requirements here
DPL has offices in Islamabad (Pakistan), Miami (United States), and Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
We have and continue to gladly partner with most industries including healthcare, fintech, automotive, mobility, IT, telco, education, media, retail, e-commerce and more. We do, however, draw the line at collaborating with industries such as dating and cannabis that contradict with our ethical values. Similarly, we don’t collaborate with Fintech initiatives where transactions with an element of interest (riba) take place.
In addition to being DPL’s official tagline, it is a promise to innovate and do whatever is needed to ensure our client’s success. Instead of proposing solutions, we address the issues at hand to resolve them effectively via tech. We then apply Agile practices to quickly and efficiently deliver what our clients actually need – both for the present and the future of their business.
You are welcome to send in your resume to Please include “Application for internship” in the subject of your email so that it doesn’t get lost in the job applications we receive regularly.
Holacracy is a management framework that does away with rigid command hierarchies. Instead, authority is distributed across dynamic roles to create an agile, self-organizing workforce. Learn more: Holacracy and Counterculture
image DPL is going through another major transformation to tackle the challenges presented by COVID-19. Read More