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From home automation to industrial innovation, DPL is your perfect partner for IoT and embedded development. Our experience, expertise, and dedication to innovative solutions is exactly what your next project needs.

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OUR IoT Development Capabilities

We go beyond embedded software and Internet of Things app development. We transform lives, places, and business processes with game-changing technologies. That way, your business gets to embrace the power of interconnected innovation among many other benefits.

Device Firmware

Get the most out of your hardware through reliable, high-performance firmware that meets various needs and purposes.

Software Interfaces

Enable smart user experience with mobile and web-based interfaces that effectively support remote control of devices and data visualization.

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage IoT technologies to effectively predict equipment health and maintenance needs, and stay one step ahead from emergencies and downtimes. 

IoT Consulting

Let us guide you on developing and deploying IoT solutions that generate real value while bridging the physical and digital worlds.

Smart Buildings Solution

Create a connected, responsive environment that improves people’s quality of life. With our IoT solutions, clients can manage living and workspaces and ensure their efficiency and sustainability.

  • Property Management Portal & App
  • 4-IN-1 Smart Hub

    Smart Hub, Thermostat, Humidity Sensor, & Occupancy Sensor
  • ResidentMobile App & Portal

A Potential Startup Unicorn Building
Smart Communities with Connected Apartments

Smart Workforce Tracking

Track workers’ location in real-time more effectively than any GPS device. We even designed a band that ensures their productivity by recording their physical activity while on the job.

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Platform Upgrade for Janitorial & Maintenance Service Leader with
18,000 Locations in 50 States

Discover the efficiency a smart bin has to offer. This intelligent waste management solution enables efficient waste collection, optimizes operational processes, and reduces operational costs.

Leverage smart cameras to automate manual, time-consuming processes such as warehouse management. Our latest project helped detect changes in warehouse racks, alerting workers promptly.

Enjoy the convenience offered by innovative systems managing and regulating access. We’ve utilized IoT technology for authentication, authorization, and monitoring to give clients peace of mind.

Innovate access control and user authentication via captive portals. We created a screen time management platform to balance children’s screen time, filter content, and reward their good behavior.

DPL is one of the leaders in IoT and embedded development industry. We are working with companies of various scales, including startups, SMEs, enterprises and public sector administrations. Let’s connect to plan and realize your next smart solution.

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Don’t stay behind while your competitors benefit from embedded software and Internet of Things development. Leverage these innovative technologies to unlock new opportunities and growth – both in the present and future.

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Innovation First
Get creative IoT solutions that effectively address your present and future challenges.
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Experience and Expertise
From real estate to HVAC, our IoT and embedded development teams have done it all.
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Tech Stack Knowledge
Entrust your solution to experts who can leverage many technologies to achieve your goals.
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Complementary Services
Guided by ‘Innovation as a Service’, we offer additional services to add value to your IoT solution.
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