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Get experienced, tech-savvy Agile professionals who integrate seamlessly with your in-house tech teams to bring your solutions to life.

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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation services is your strategic solution for accessing top-tier tech talent on-demand. Simply share your projects’ needs and we’ll provide developers with niche expertise to help while ensuring -


Fuel innovation in your team by exposing them to diverse perspectives and experiences.


Eliminate overhead costs associated with hiring and training full-time employees.

Enhanced Productivity

Improve overall productivity with the help of skilled professionals who understand and share your goals. 


Easily adapt to changing project requirements or technology landscapes with minimal impact.


Ensure optimal resource utilization by easily scaling up (or down) as per project needs.

Valuable Expertise

Get quick and easy access to specialized skills and knowledge not available in-house.

Lower Risks

Partner with are liable IT staff augmentation company to share project risks and reduce its burden. 

Focus on What Matters

Assign core business functions to your internal team while ours handles other important tasks.

How DPL Differs from Other IT Staff Augmentation Companies

We go beyond delivering the benefits of IT staff augmentation to offer our partners –

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Agile teams that enjoy challenges and prioritizes value
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20+ years of technical proficiency and industry expertise
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Strong communication and collaboration skills
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Consistent performance and commitment to meeting project deadlines
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Onboard your new team members and assign them the work you need done.

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