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For over 12 years DPL has been at forefront of delivering cutting edge IT services. Our commitment to innovation, creativity and an unrelenting focus on our people allows us to create winning solutions for our clients.

We make fullstack mobile apps, cutting edge internet and SharePoint technologies and engaging UI/UX designs, all powered by our agile processes.

We are ready to give you the startup edge you need to succeed.

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Cyber Ventures

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I've been heading projects for the agriculture industry here at Telenor. The exacting deadlines and quality requirements for such projects demand stellar potential from the developers and designers; fortunately we found such resources at DPL. Our collaboration with DPL's employees has convinced us of their commitment to quality and reliable delivery, to the extent that I'd be thrilled to continue working with them on future projects.

Talib Siddique
Mobile Agriculture Team – Digital Division, Telenor Pakistan

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