Innovative Platform for Age Management Medical Practitioners Across 80+ Cities Globally


AgeEnvy wanted to empower the aging community by recommending non-surgical options, treatments, and reliable medical practitioners for all their needs. DPL’s web development expertise made this happen.

The Client

Founded by Ralph Smith and Brandee Nielsen, AgeEnvy is a startup committed to becoming a highly trusted age management community.

It’s dedicated to helping the aging community through information and more. It helps individuals learn more about non-surgical treatments for aesthetic, regenerative, integrative, and functional aging-related issues.

AgeEnvy further benefits physicians, offering them services to help connect them better with their patients.


The Problem

Team AgeEnvy wanted more than just a website for sharing information on anti-aging treatments. It aimed to build a platform to help Aesthetic, Integrative, and Functional medicine practitioners as well.

Through the platform, AgeEnvy will help treatment providers engage patients, book more appointments, and increase their online visibility. That way, they can better showcase their practices and, ultimately, grow.


The Solution

DPL leveraged technologies such as Angular, .NET, Custom WordPress, and Google Cloud Platform to create a Patient-Doctor marketplace.

For patients, the platform allows them to carry out advanced and unified searches on treatments and top aging concerns.

They can also find providers by choosing state, city, and type of treatment they need. Alternatively, global patients can specify the country and type of treatment they need.

Patients can also schedule consultations with the providers they choose, as well as receive reminders and suggestions.

As for physicians, they can create profiles, add credentials, and manage consultation among other features.

In addition to these, we provided AgeEnvy with –

  • Multilayered security for protecting data
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • High performance content management system (CMS) and content delivery network (CDN)
  • AI Bot
  • Geo Detection
  • Maps Platform
  • Data Analytics Integration
  • Data Warehouse
  • UGC & UGC Moderation (AI)

The Impact

AgeEnvy is currently in Beta (MVP), and live online for both patients and physicians. It’s on the path to achieving its goals with users spread across 80+ cities in North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

As for us at DPL, we are glad to have received a 5-star review on Clutch for this project, especially regarding quality, schedule, and cost.

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