Detailed Insights into Customer Behaviors for a Modern Interior Design E-commerce Solution

Alchemy Fine Home

Prioritizing its customers and the experience they have shopping on its site, Alchemy Fine Home wanted to learn more about their behaviors. Instead of connecting with any other web development company, it chose DPL to leverage its data analytics expertise.

The Client

Alchemy Fine Home is a San Diego based design company that prides itself on being a customer service-first company. It was founded in 2015 by Vanessa Van Wieren to share her passion for ‘Living, Dining, and Celebrating in Style’.

Alchemy Fine Home offers to create unique living and working spaces in two ways.

One, it provides a range of curated furniture and décor selections from artisans worldwide. Two, it delivers design solutions via its complimentary Home Style Fix service and Design Pros directory.

The interior design brand is also a firm believer in being sustainably stylish. It has partnered with Handprint, Freight Club and 1 Tree Planted to offset its carbon emissions from shipments and the manufacture of some of its products.

Alchemy Fine Home

The Problem

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Alchemy Fine Home wanted to learn more about them and how they interact with their e-commerce platform. That way, it can make necessary changes to add more value for users if needed.

For that, the goal was to include a mechanism that would track KPIs and deliver the insights it needed.

The brand also wanted more clarity into how its Design Pro members use the Daizy Design Tool, a sub-application and virtual design tool. That way, it can improve their experience while curating looks for their design projects.

Alchemy Fine Home

The Solution

The first step was to collect the data that Alchemy Fine Home needed.

For that, we used Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager (GTM) to create custom event-based triggers throughout the key action areas of the Shopify e-commerce platform and Daizy Style Board.

We were able to track the required KPIs by adding custom events in DOM as well as pushing multiple parameters in GTM’s data layer.

The collected data would then be transformed easy-to-understand graphics and reports on the Googles Analytics console. This gives Alchemy Fine Home the insight it needs into user interaction, behavior, conversions and more.

In addition to data analytics, DPL worked on several customizations to the platform. The goal of these was to improve Products Listing, Details, and overall website responsiveness.

Alchemy Fine Home

The Impact

Alchemy Fine Home’s updated website has been effectively helping it make more informed business decisions. This, in turn, offers value to both its clients as well as members in its Design Pros directory.

Moreover, based on insight into how users interact with its platform, Alchemy Fine Home made changes to features and the overall user journey to improve user experience. This helped increase the website’s conversion rate and, ultimately, the business’ revenue.

The improvements have also made the website quite a hit with shoppers. Platforms such as Trustpilot feature reviews with 4+ stars for the positive experiences with the website, especially as they complement the brand’s customer service.

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