An App that Inspired Revolutionary Reforms by Enabling Citizen Journalists to Report 8,000+ Education-related Issues

Ali Ailaan

DPL joined forces with Alif Ailaan to design and develop Taleem Do! app and a web portal. Through this solution, the nonprofit organization was able to ignite a conversation around education in Pakistan and highlight the issues the sector faces.

The Client

Sponsored by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), Alif Ailaan was the largest education-based INGO in Pakistan. Founded in 2013 by renowned public policy commentator Mosharraf Zaidi, it tirelessly worked to bring systemic problems in the education sector to the forefront of the public discourse.

For Ali Ailaan, a single child out of school is one too many. Therefore, it worked towards ensuring that Pakistan’s out-of-school children can be enrolled where they can receive high quality education. For that, it acted as a bridge linking parents and children to schools, teachers, and local authorities.

Alif Ailaan was further known for several campaigns and extensive reports that aim to improve the quality of education in Pakistan. For example, under The National Maths and Science Calendar, the INGO organized a series of events to highlight the quality of these subjects in the country.

Alif Ailaan

The Problem

Education is a sensitive subject in Pakistan as over 22 million children between the ages of 5 and 16 miss out on schooling. Moreover, Pakistan ranks the 8th lowest in the world when it comes to education spending.

Taking on this challenge, Alif Ailaan launched multiple campaigns to hold the government and similar stakeholders accountable for the lack of effort in improving the basic education infrastructure.

During the General Elections in 2018, Alif Ailaan engaged DPL to come up with a digital campaign strategy that can highlight education as a relevant topic for voters and politicians alike.

Alif Ailaan

The Solution

DPL proposed and developed a social, mobile, and hyperlocal strategy. This strategy entailed –

  • An innovative platform to listen and amplify citizens’ voices rather than simply publish facts and figures
  • An app to enable people to put forward their personal experiences and emotional pleas for better education

Select issues reported on Taleem Do then were published in newspapers as well as Alif Ailaan’s blog.

The Impact

Alif Ailaan was able to renew politicians and stakeholder’s commitment toward the education sector in the country. The INGO’s founder Mosharraf Zaidi also praised the solution, “Biggest Database of real education issues in Pakistan. This is how journalism in Pakistan should be.”

  • 50,000+


  • 8,000+

    Reported Issues

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    Active Monthly Users

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