Neobanking via e-Wallet with 50,000+ Active Users and $5M+ Series A Funding

Arro Money

DPL helped realize Arro Money, delivering highly secure alternate banking via financial- grade applications.

The Client

Marq Millions was a Manchester-based financial services provider. It was licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, allowing it to deliver financial services across Europe like other prestigious institutions such as American Express.

Founded in 2011, it aimed to provide alternative, inclusive banking solutions that could replace existing and outdated banking processes. During its years in the industry, it launched three products that helped achieve its goal, one of which is Arro Money.

In July 2020, Marq Millions became part of eToro Money as its card issuer. That way, the company could move in an exciting new direction.

Arro Money

The Problem

As an inclusive banking institute, Marq Millions wanted to simplify moving capital, especially for migrant workers, students and other groups that traditional banks usually neglect. The company wished to provide these users all the services a brick-and-mortar bank does, including depositing money, bill payment, online shopping, and remittance.

Arro Money

The Solution

With the vision to deliver banking services to all, work towards creating Arro Money began. Launched in 2017, this product would offer personalized accounts to both individual customers and small businesses.

To ensure an optimal banking experience for customers, DPL made the necessary integrations to connect with government data and established industry service providers. The system was also compliant with UK financial regulations.

DPL’s developers further collaborated with a leading design firm to create an aesthetic and efficient user experience.

Complementing Arro Money’s aesthetics is a powerful backend engine that manages user traffic to deliver a smooth user experience. The solution further integrated the industry’s best security practices to guarantee highly secure digital money transfer.

Arro Money

The Impact

Powered by our secure technology and Marq Millions’ experience and position as an EMI licensed operator, Arro Money delivered the ease of modern banking services while tailoring them to clients’ specific needs.

All of this would help Arro Money gain the recognition it deserved. The platform was shortlisted as the finalist in the 2019 Best B2C Payments Programme and the Leading Financial Services or Payments Start-up categories at the Emerging Payments Awards.

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