AutoWeb Inc

US industry leading automobile lead generator

“We worked with DPL during the past six years, and during that time they were one of our top technology vendors. Working with DPL allowed us to grow and retain our position as the industry leader in an increasingly competitive on-line automotive leads market.

DPL consistently delivered, innovated and stayed on the cutting edge of technology. They helped us use the latest internet technologies, adapted with our fast and growing needs and provided their expertise for delivering great software throughout the years. They never faltered in their response time and availability for us.

The ability to communicate effectively, deliver on commitments, and work toward shared goals... that's what makes for a great relationship, and we were happy to have worked with DPL.”

John Skocilic, CIO, Autobytel

The Opportunity
A public limited company and a leading patent holder in online marketing and lead generation, Autobytel is one of the foremost American corporations in online automotive commerce.

Previously a client for a renowned consulting and services company, Autobytel needed an agile, cost effective IT services partner for their expanding business and to keep their edge in the market.

The Solution
DPL provided Autobytel with complete end to end services becoming their largest outsourcing partner with over 75 dedicated engineers. Using our experience in the automotive and SEM lead generation sector we integrated our SEM technology into their infrastructure. This along with our UI/UX expertise and BI solutions we helped them achieve ever greater business goals.

More than 75 engineers across 10 teams comprising of developers, QA Engineers, architects and backlog managers generated more than 15,000 hours of productive work a month. Each individual team was designed around the SCRUM framework, working independently and reporting directly to the client.

DPL enabled its engineers with a highly process oriented environment, thus ensuring delivery to production went through thorough checks and balances.

Agile practices and automation allowed each team to push their changes to production multiple times a week.

Building on our past experience with technologies like ASP.NET, MVC and SQL we used technologies like Javascript, HTML and Perl to build high performance web platforms and powerful reporting tools.

Here's how we delivered exceptional value to Autobytel with our IT services:

  • Created multiple environments for development, testing and staging new features.
  • Built a highly customized Content Management System to enable marketers to create dynamic and rich websites with a few clicks.
  • Used hardware load balancers for routing the traffic of millions of PPC users every month.
  • Built a powerful reporting tool from the ground up. This ensured executives had the visibility and transparency needed to review revenue vs profit and oversee the cost of ad campaigns.

The Result:

From 2011 to 2016

2011 2016
User Clicks per month 1 Million per month +3.6 Million per month
Conversions 90,000 300,000
Revenue $1.1 Million $5 Million

Ensured speedy website response times of 2.8 sec

Handled a monthly ad spend of over $4.5 Million

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