Resource Augmentation to Support a Renowned Pan-African Group


With AXIAN Group expanding beyond African borders, DPL was ready to help it replicate its successes with talented human resources. With the support of our Agile-loving, innovative professionals, we know AXIAN will easily create a positive impact in Asia too.     

The Client

AXIAN is a renowned partner in the economic transformation of nine countries across the Indian Ocean and African continent. Since it was founded in 2016, it has supported their growth in five crucial industries: real estate, telecom, energy, financial service, and innovation and FinTech.  

The pan-African company further cemented their reputation in the region through achievements such as: 

  • Becoming the 1st African digital micro-credit provider 
  • No. 1 position as a solar energy producer in Madagascar  
  • Being the 1st Money-Mobile Operator (MMO) in Madagascar  
  • Becoming the 1st commercial 5G network operator in the continent  

Business operations aside, AXIAN is focused on creating a lasting social and environmental impact. Therefore, it constantly takes on initiatives that help in that direction. For instance, it joined the United Nations Global Compact as its Indian Ocean Local Network ambassador. That way, it can help promote the sustainable development goals in the region.  


The Problem

The AXIAN Group, specifically the telecom cluster, was eyeing to expand to Asia. The company expressed interest in establishing an office in Pakistan. For that, AXIAN needed a reliable partner that can help it augment its resources and operate smoothly.  


The Solution

DPL’s track record for finding and hiring top tech talent won AXIAN over. We were given the goal of hiring 30 individuals to start working on their projects in 2022. This number would later grow in 2023.  

After thoroughly searching for the best candidates, we vetted them further to ensure they met AXIAN’s criteria. They were then presented to the company for approval and onboarded to start working.    


The Impact

DPL has successfully secured the candidates AXIAN needed for its project. This has helped the company save a considerable amount as we take care of employees’ technical skills, training, and other overheads. 

Talha Saleem

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