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Custom App Development

The Ultimate Fintech App Development Guide for Savvy Business People

The demand for Fintech app development is on the rise. Around 6.1 billion Fintech apps were downloaded in 2021, which is 25.2% more than 2020. In just the first quarter of 2022, 1.74...

Maha Yaser | 8 Min Read 24-Nov-2022

DPL Rebels

Rebel Diaries – Reflecting on ACP22

As one of the sponsors of Agile Conference Pakistan 2022 (ACP22), DPL was part of the prestigious event. Not only did our Rebels turn heads with their unique attire, but our OG Rebel...

Rebels' Desk | 6 Min Read 11-Nov-2022

Custom App Development

Healthcare App Development – Everything to Know for 2023 and Beyond

You can’t go wrong with healthcare app development. Just the mobile health (mHealth) market is expected to reach $293.29 billion at a CAGR of 29.1% by 2028. So, whether you’re a...

Saad | 8 Min Read 02-Nov-2022

Custom App Development

5 Mobile App Development Tools for 2023

With the new year around the corner, business owners are considering new ways to add to their bottom line.  Considering the high ROI from mobile apps, it’s highly possible they may...

Saad | 6 Min Read 19-Oct-2022

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Digital transformation in financial services began long before the pandemic had businesses scrambling to upgrade themselves. Many finance leaders have transformed their functions and are...

Saad | 10 Min Read 12-Oct-2022

4IR Technologies

How Industry 4.0 Technologies Can Impact Your Business

The demand for Industry 4.0 technologies is on the rise. In fact, the global market for these technologies is expected to reach $214 billion in 2023. So, if you thought that...

Maha Yaser | 8 Min Read 22-Sep-2022

Custom App Development

iOS 16 – Everything Mobile Application Development Pros Should Know

Christmas came early for the mobile application development industry as Apple announced the public release of iOS 16 on September 12. The latest version of the popular software was...

Maha Yaser | 10 Min Read 09-Sep-2022

Agile Academy

Holacracy and Counterculture – The Key to South Asia’s IT Dream

Holacracy is far from new. This radical method of decentralized management and organizational governance has helped companies like Zappos cement their names in their industry. Question is,...

Shahrukh Satti | 8 Min Read 26-Aug-2022

4IR Technologies

Smart Home IoT Development – Zigbee vs Z-Wave

One of the important aspects of IoT development for smart home gadgets is connectivity. Without this, devices won’t be effectively in sync with one another. Two wireless standards...

Waqas Ahmed | 6 Min Read 17-Aug-2022

Agile Academy

Learning Agile 101: Lessons on Quality Culture from the Boeing Crisis

Learning Agile is almost impossible without a thorough understanding of quality management. After all, this method is highly focused on achieving the needs of clients or customers....

Waqas Sharif | 7 Min Read 10-Aug-2022

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