API Development Services and Staff Augmentation for Corporate Excellence Awards Winner


To accommodate its growth, Concora needed skilled developers to help it with new apps and features. It found in DPL the right talent who it could trust to deliver.

The Client

Concora is a software company that specializes in digital products and solutions for building product manufacturers. It enables its clients to take control of their online experiences with the help of technical details architects, designers, and other creatives.

Founded in 2013, Concora has helped many manufacturers showcase their products more effectively via immersive and interactive virtual tools. It also provides digital assets, sustainability certificates, and more for clients’ websites.

Over the years, Concora has established a strong reputation for itself. Its portfolio features renowned brands such as Honeywell, the Belden Brick Company, and Plastpro.

The company has also achieved several accolades over the years. It has been named one of CIOReview’s Most Promising Construction Tech Solution Providers in 2020. It also won Corporate Vision’s Best Building & Construction Experience Management Platform for 2021.


The Problem

Concora was growing at a quick pace. Therefore, it needed to quickly add talent to handle its workload. However, it faced two issues:

  1. The traditional recruitment cycle would take too much time. Especially considering the experience and expertise the team needed.
  2. While staff augmentation was a better option, Concora hesitated considering the challenges of this option and its own budget constraints.

The Solution

Concora contacted DPL with the goal to onboard long-term full-stack developers, with expertise primarily with MERN stack and AWS.

DPL’s developers were assigned to work on Concora’s externally facing API, redesign legacy application, and build new apps and features.

First, the team tackled the platform’s search engine-friendliness. Search engine optimization (SEO) was a challenge as the existing app was built on React.js with client-side rendering. So, to ensure better SEO for client products, our team used Next.js.

The team then worked on the apps’ infrastructure, improving code and workflows. Once the platform was stable, we began developing and integrating new features in the new apps.

The Impact

We are proud to have been part of Concora’s success throughout 2023. Our relationship continues with the company as they believe they found “the right engineers that leadership can trust to deliver”.

Talha Saleem

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Talha Saleem, Business Growth Manager

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