Cross-Platform App Development Services to Spread Self-Acceptance and Universal Kindness

Everything is Right About You

To ensure the widespread of the affirmation of universal kindness and self-acceptance, Everything is Right About You needed a mobile app. With DPL’s proven track record of working with similar movements, this was a match made in heaven.

The Client

Founded in 2021 on Clubhouse, Everything is Right About You is a movement that preaches self-acceptance and universal kindness to children, families, and schools. It aims to empower individuals by developing a specific mindset – “you are the right person, in this right moment”.

Everything is Right About You is the latest movement from Dr. Jill Kahn. The founder and president of Empowerhouse Group Inc., she’s a renowned leadership coach, speaker, wellness activist, and published author.

Dr. Jill Kahn is also the mind behind The BioCode System, a methodology for inspiring individuals to change how they lead, live, and play. Her work and dedication to her practice have earned her the first Phoenix Global Humanitarian Heart Award in 2022.

Everything is Right About You

The Problem

Dr. Jill wished to inspire more people to embrace the Everything is Right About You movement. Therefore, she needed to go beyond the website to bring her teachings to individuals’ mobile phones.

Everything is Right About You

The Solution

Dr. Jill approached DPL to build a cross platform app that enables users to add Everything is Right About You frames to photos, and then share them.

DPL’s design team created a few designs for the minimum viable product (MVP). Once the client selected the best one for its app, our mobile developers began working.

The app allows users to apply frames to photos from camera or their gallery. They can also crop and adjust the photos before applying the frame. Afterward, they could save the photo to gallery or share it with their contacts.

In addition to the photo frame feature, the initial MVP included New User Onboarding, a Home Screen, and a Resources tab.

Everything is Right About You

The Impact

The Everything is Right About You helped speed up the movement’s growth. Especially as existing community members were able to easily share its message with much ease.

The success of the app further expanded the scope of this project. Dr. Jill contracted us to develop a feature for displaying motivational and mindfulness quotes.

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