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Digital Transformation

Supply Chain Digital Transformation – A Guide for the Present and Future

Supply chain digital transformation isn’t just the need of the hour; it’s a vital component for organizations to overcome current and future challenges. Yet while organizations...

Syed Ahmad | 10 Min Read 08-Jul-2023

Agile Academy

How Leaders with Emotional Intelligence Handle Difficult Discussions

It’s not uncommon to see leaders with emotional intelligence falter when faced with difficult decisions. In fact, some may be part of the 70% of employees who tend to avoid...

Waqas Sharif | 7 Min Read 05-Jul-2023

4IR Technologies

Time to Think About Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud cost optimization is currently the top cloud challenge for organizations. According to Flexera’s 2023 State of the Cloud Report, 83% of decision makers ranked cloud spend...

Waleed Riaz | 7 Min Read 23-Jun-2023

4IR Technologies

Generative AI Landscape for Today and Tomorrow

The growing popularity of ChatGPT and other AI examples has made a tremendous impact on generative AI landscape. With adoption rates expected to rise to 46% in 2025, there’s no way...

Maha Yaser | 8 Min Read 22-Jun-2023

image DPL is going through another major transformation to tackle the challenges presented by COVID-19. Read More