The Opportunity
Orgoo was a Los Angeles based startup that envisioned a way to change the way people communicated in the burgeoning digital era. Orgoo was a webmail service that would act as a service independent universal inbox for emails.

They went a step further and integrated IM services from all the major providers into one easy-to-use and intuitive application. With 1.3 Billion email users and 300 Million IM users across different platforms, the market was ripe for a new idea to manage these communications.

The Solution
As their offshore technology partner, we built an Ajax based webmail system that allowed users to access their email accounts using POP3 and IMAP as well as talk to their friends across different IM networks, (MSN Messenger, Gtalk, Yahoo, AIMS etc.) from a single web based interface using a single Orgoo login.

Users had the option to archive all their IM conversations as well as organize them in the same folders used for email. This integration allowed users to keep all relevant information neatly organized, accessible and shareable.

Orgoo offered its users 3GB of free storage for all their email and IM converstaions and even video mail. No fuss of managing multiple logins, everything was presented under one intuitive experience.

The Result
The highly scalable solution was hailed as the future of email by tech journalists across the web.

Venture beat wrote:

“The cool thing about Orgoo is that it lets you switch seamlessly between formats - IM, voice, text and email”
“Orgoo is the latest company to realize that users want many of these things in one platform, and to store and manage it in one place”

Orgoo was chosen by TechCrunch as one of the hottest new tech startups internationally.

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