An Innovative Webmail Service that Seamlessly Combines IM, Text, Voice, and Email for the First Time Ever


DPL is no stranger to empowering start-ups as their technology partner. So, when Orgoo wanted to revolutionize how people communicated, we were ready to help with our experience, expertise, and enthusiasm.

The Client

Orgoo was a Los Angeles-based start-up founded by two students at the University of Southern California: Sean Rad and Shahzad Tiwana. It was one of several ventures that encouraged entrepreneurship among students in educational institutions across the US.

With the support of angel investors and a nod from venture capitalist Mark A. Stevens, whose firm invested in the likes of Google and LinkedIn, Orgoo saw the light. In two years since its launch, the company gained a lot of acclaim for its unique webmail service.

Orgoo later shifted focus from consumers to work on a B2B product, before closing operations completely. Co-founder Sean Rad successfully moved on to co-found the dating app Tinder in 2012.


The Problem

Orgoo envisioned a way to change the way people communicated in the digital area. In a later interview with Business Insider, Rad explained how he came up with the idea for Orgoo.

“I was frustrated that I had to use all of these different accounts to communicate with my friends. I had my work email, because I was working at the time, I had my school email, my high-school email, my Gmail, and every different IM account. And I kept jumping from screen to screen, and this was before the mobile phone was what it is today.

I felt there had to be a way to bring it all together. That’s what Orgoo was. It was a huge technical challenge, especially for someone who’s never done anything technical. I had no background in computer engineering, but I just saw a better way that I could communicate.”

So, to achieve this vision of a combined web service, Orgoo needed a reliable technology partner. One with the knowledge and expertise to not only develop this platform, but to also update it with the latest technology.  


The Solution

By working closely with team Orgoo in the US, DPL was able to create its namesake web-based message and webmail tool.

Developed with Ajax the intuitive system allowed users to access their email accounts using POP3 and IMAP. Users could also talk to friends across different instant messaging networks such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo, GTalk, and AIM. All of this through a single web-based interface and with a single Orgoo login.  

Another notable feature of platform is the option to archive or organization instant conversations in the same folders used for email. That way, users can keep all relevant information in a neatly organized way while ensuring its accessibility and shareability.

The Impact

Orgoo took the world by storm when launched at the TechCrunch 40 show in 2007. The online publication even wrote a glowing review, predicting its popularity with users.  

Within the first three months, it accumulated 1 million sign ups. The company would later release a video chat service, earning further acclaim from both TechCrunch and CNET.

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