A Mobile App to Incorporate Mindfulness in the Lives of Thousands of People

Pause Breathe Reflect

Pause Breathe Reflect wished to amplify its reach, foster accessibility, and engage its growing community on the go. With DPL’s track record in mind, the movement chose us to help it achieve these goals via a mobile app.

The Client

Pause Breathe Reflect is a mindfulness movement established by Michael O’Brien. The former marketing lead for a $700M brand, Michael is an author, certified business leadership coach, and motivational speaker.

A vocal champion for women empowerment and leadership, he’s the first male president of a Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association chapter. Further, he serves on the association’s Global Board of Directors.

The idea for Pause Breathe Reflect came to Michael after surviving a life-altering incident on what he now calls his ‘Last Bad Day’. Since then, he has been helping others overcome challenges by learning how to deal with change and become resilient.

Pause Breathe Reflect

The Problem

Pause Breathe Reflect wanted to expand the movement further. Believing in the mantra “If you want to heal your body, you need to heal your mind”, Michael wanted the community to benefit from meditations.

The vision was to build a mobile app that offers a wide range of meditations related to everyday life and moments. That way, Pause Breathe Reflect’s community can receive the help they need at any time of the day, and for the duration of free time they have.

Pause Breathe Reflect

The Solution

DPL built Pause Breathe Reflect Sangha. This is a cross-platform mobile app that leverages React Native and Node.js tech stacks, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for infrastructure.

Through the app users can –

  • Pause by accessing an audio library for meditations divided across different categories. Users also have the ability to choose a meditation based on the amount of time they have.
  • Breathe using the different types breathing exercises in the app, all of which focus on different moods and energy levels.
  • Reflect by keeping and maintaining a journal in the app.

Functionality aside, the Pause Breathe Reflect Sangha app aims to help users achieve tranquility through its user experience and interface. With that in mind, our team of UI experts carefully included design elements to pull this off.

The Impact

By October 2023, Pause Breathe Reflect Sangha has achieved a 4.9-star rating globally. Reviews praised the “simplicity and peacefulness of the app” as well as the quality of the meditations and overall experience.

The app’s aesthetics have also helped DPL win another project for a client who believes it’s “one of the most beautiful apps” they’ve ever seen.

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