Architectural Overhaul for Fastest Growing Esports Platform and Talent Academy


Pluck took the risk to overhaul its architecture and recreate its entire platform from scratch. With DPL as its tech partner, this step proved to be worthwhile and downright profitable for the client.

The Client

Founded in 2018 by Erik Lydecker, Pluck was an esports innovator offering headless micro-services Platform as a service (PaaS).

Also known as Pluck GG, the Swedish organization aimed at providing teams and gamers with opportunities to create recurring revenue streams, build a social following, and engage team members. That way, they can secure partners and sponsors.

In a release, Erik explained the concept of Pluck and its purpose “Pluck was founded on the vision of including all gamers and giving everyone a chance of becoming a professional esport athlete by basically expanding and giving a solid structure and methodology to the box of esports.”


The Problem

Pluck GG wished to extend the capabilities of its platform to launch its own talent academy.

Through it, it would offer AI-taught classes as well as events and tournaments to players. Based on their performance, Pluck would then recommend the best players to talent scouts.

However, there were two discrepancies that could compromise the platform: poor code quality and issues with the architecture.


The Solution

After presenting our findings, Pluck agreed to re-do the entire platform despite the risk it entailed.

In addition to Agile practices, the team leveraged Node, MongoDB, Vue, Firebase, and AWS technologies. With these, we delivered a robust platform that is capable of achieving Pluck’s vision quickly and efficiently.


The Impact

With a stable platform, Pluck was able to launch Pluck Esports Academy with the help of Team Singularity. The added scalability would later support the launch of Pluck Polestar, allowing esports companies to scout and recruit students.

Pluck’s trust in our capabilities extended our engagement further. To help overcome its resource challenges, we provided high quality tech talent that was dedicated to its success.

Together, it was not long before Pluck was touted as one of the world’s fastest growing E-Sports platforms.

Talha Saleem

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