The Opportunity

Education has always been neglected in Pakistan with over 22 million children between the age of 5 and 16 missing out on schooling, and Pakistan being ranked in the bottom 8 countries in the world for its education spending. In order, to hold the government and the stakeholders responsible for their lack of efforts in the pursuit of improving the literacy rate, Alif Ailaan engaged DPL to come up with a digital campaign strategy and technologies that can help achieve this goal.

The Client
Alif Ailaan, sponsored by the UK Department of International Development, has been working since 2013 to bring these monumental problems faced by the Pakistani educational sector to the forefront of the public discourse.

The Solution
Taleem Do! app and a web portal was designed and developed by DPL enabling Alif Ailaan to ignite a conversation around education neglect in the society. Following were the features of this app:

  • It allows you to report an issue with and without anonymity.
  • Upload images and videos as supporting evidence for the claim.
  • The issues were brought to public via the Taleem Do! app and reported to the responsible parties.
  • Reporters of the issues were entitled to rewards and badges for their good work.
  • It also helps them pledge their commitment to education and bring other people around them into the conversation.

The app was available in both English and Urdu language for ease of the public. The app may be downloaded at Taleem Do!

The Result
Taleem Do! app has been a phenomenal success.

Total Downloads Monthly Active Users Issues Reported
50,000+ >40,000 7000+

DPL is proud to be a part of this journey to help create an impact on issue of education in Pakistan at a national level.

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