A Digital Transformation Journey

Agile Methodologies and a People-Centric Culture are the two most important pillars of Digital Transformation; without these two, the entire initiative becomes an exercise in futility. Most people believe that it is impossible to implement agile methodologies and a people-centric culture in Pakistan, they believe that we are just not cut out for this.

We believe otherwise and we have proved them wrong. DPL has practiced and perfected the art of implementing agile methodologies and developing a people-centric culture for over a decade. We understand our Desi culture’s unique challenges, its people and the ways to unlock their true potential to drive innovation. We are now helping corporate companies develop strategies and providing them with the tools and techniques needed to create a transformative culture within their corporate environments.

This is exactly why Mr. Olivier Sabrié, Total PARCO’s CEO between 2016-2020, chose DPL to help him with his efforts in transforming Total PARCO. Listen to why he believed that if Total wanted to succeed in digital transformation, it had to partner with DPL.

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