The Opportunity
The world's largest furniture manufacturer needed to enhance the visibility of its products on the web and in print magazines without having to physically set up the products to be photographed under different settings each time. They required lifelike product images to showcase their trendsetting furniture and lifestyle accessories.

The Solution
We helped our client develop digital assets to showcase their products across different mediums from print magazines, to the web and even promotional displays in their flagship stores. Our process integrated seamlessly with the advanced engineering processes in their supply chain and digital marketing.

The first step was to develop an efficient system to produce high precision and high fidelity rendered images of products using blueprints as references.

Due to the high standards of our client, we developed each furniture model using advanced 3D software following the provided blueprints.

The millimeter precise models were textured with high resolution surfaces created to give the exact appearance of wood, fabric, metal and a range of other materials.

These models were then rendered using advanced lighting and shaders to appear indistinguishable from their physical counterparts.

The Result
Over a period of six months we produced thousands of high quality images of individual products and room arrangements featuring multiple products.

In addition to saving management and logistic overheads, DPL's solution saved our client the time consuming and costly task of physically setting up and photographing each configuration of their product for different marketing purposes. When a photoshoot by a professional photographer can cost up to a $10'000 a day, our solution netted them cost savings of over half a million dollars cementing the incredible value and ingenuity provided by DPL.

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