5 Types of Custom Software Your Small Business Needs

Rebels' Desk 25-Jan-2024
5 Types of Custom Software Your Small Business Needs

Efficiency, agility, and growth are absolutely necessary for a small business. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf software solutions fail to deliver these.

That’s why small businesses should consider investing in custom software. Not only does it cater to their specific needs, but it also ensures flexibility, scalability, and a competitive edge.

Moreover, custom software for small business addresses unique challenges, optimizes workflows, and provides a personalized technological infrastructure. As a result, it perfectly aligns with the business owners’ distinct requirements and goals.

5 Customized Software Solutions Every Small Enterprise Needs

While there are many options a small business can benefit from, there are five you absolutely need to transform your business process.

1) Content Management System (CMS)

Managing digital content is at the heart of any company’s online presence. Therefore, a Content Management System (CMS) is always a great idea.

A CMS allows businesses to efficiently create, publish, and edit content across various media and platforms. This software also allows you to streamline content and workflow, ensuring consistency and relevance.

Moreover, a tailored CMS is your answer to driving engagement and enhancing user experience. So, add this to your list of must-haves.

2) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For a small business, customer interactions are important. This makes having a customer relationship management (CRM) an essential part of your business.

A CRM centralizes customer data by opening up an array of options. It allows businesses to personalize communications, track interactions and nurture new leads.

Bespoke software like CRM has many advantages, it won’t only enhance customer relationships but will also streamline sales and marketing efforts.

3) Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

Tailored to a business’s specific workflows, an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) system allows you to manage daily processes.

It collects and consolidates data from different functions like HR, Finance, and Marketing to enhance efficiency. Your small business further benefits from informed decision-making and effective resource utilization.

Other reasons to get an ERP made are better alignment with team objectives, smoother operations, and scalability.

4) Operations Management Software

For a small business, optimizing day-to-day operations to improve productivity and save operational costs is essential. So, having an operations management software created specifically for your business requirements is a must.

This type of software will manage projects, inventory, and processes by providing real-time visibility and control. It further helps your teams collaborate more efficiently, identify problems, and make timely decisions to drive operational success.

5) Portals

Portals are web-based platforms or websites that serve as gateways to a variety of information, services, and resources. Based on their type, they grant your clients and/or employees’ access to content, applications, and tools.

Now you may be wondering why your small business may need this.

Portals streamline communication, centralize information, and enhance collaboration. Customizing them also enables personalized experiences, and secure access ensures data integrity. Therefore, they help optimize operations and foster growth in a digital environment.

Interested in Having One of These Made for Your Business?

DPL has the experience your small business needs for custom software development. With almost twenty years of creating bespoke software for large and small enterprises, we have the tools needed to optimize your workflow.

Let us know what you need in the form below so we can get your custom applications up and running business-wide.

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